Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ann Fahl in Hattiesburg

Pine Belt Quilters hosted the third leg of the Mississippi Quilt Association 2007 Educational Seminar with Ann Fahl teaching Decorative Machine Quilting Aug. 24-25 in Hattiesburg. Ann presented her award-winning techniques of measuring and basting before quilting to ensure a smooth and flat quilt. She introduced the participants to a variety of threads and gave instructions on choosing the correct needle for each type of thread. Of course, machine tensions had to be understood and addressed for good results. The first day's class dealt with sewing a sampler of stitches, learning how to adjust for threads and batting choices. The second day we worked on quilting a top we had brought. A great learning experience was brainstorming what quilting designs were needed for each quilt top. Ann guided the discussion by asking for opinions from the group and then helped each come up with good options for quilting. There were many "ah-ha" moments as quilters made breakthroughs in what had formerly been less than satisfying results. Beginning and seasoned machine quilters came away from the class with many more tips and techniques added to their experiences.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ann Fahl Machine Quilting Workshop

Mississippi Quilt Association is sponsoring two-day educational seminars by Ann Fahl, renowned quiltmaker from Racine, WI, in three locations in Mississippi this week. Members of Hattiesburg's Pine Belt Quilters are looking forward to our class on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 24-25. We will learn techniques the first day and then machine quilt a piece we have prepared on the second day. Pictures will be posted.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Quilt University Online Show

One of our members, Sylvia Blissett, has entered her quilt "The Flower Song" in the Quilt University online show. You can go to their website at and vote for “The Flower Song” after Sept. 1.