Sunday, December 19, 2010

December & Quilts Given

At our November meeting our members presented a great program on tips and tools every quilter needs. We heard reports on the newest products available plus handy gadgets and every-day items that can make our work go easier. Sorry, no pictures!

Wanda Wallace, Clara Oakes, Sharon Harris, part of our CQ team

We encourage each member to make at least one children's quilt each year, and we were proud to have 74 quilts to give this month. Added to our 83 we had given in July, this brings our children's quilts to 157 for 2010 PLUS 21 isolet covers for the NICU at Forrest General PLUS 9 full-sized quilts to soldiers or their families.

A stack of quilts ready to be given to children

Riley Rouse and Kim Newell accepting quilts for Shafer Center for Crisis Intervention

We were privileged to have several military families and children's service agencies with us at our December meeting. We always make and donate stockings to Domestic Abuse Family Services along with a table full of gifts for children and mothers. We donated quilts to Wesley Medical Center, Forrest General, South Mississippi Regional Medical Center (Laurel), Shafer Center for Crisis Intervention, South Mississippi Children's Services, Lamar County DHS, and DAFS.
Marilyn Howell holding an armful of stockings; gifts to stuff them fill the table behind her

Sha Polk, Sonya Duncan, and Annie Jackson receiving quilts for South Mississippi Children's Center

Sharon Nobles and her son Robert, who is leaving for basic training

John and Sarah Odom accepting the quilt for their daughter, CPT Rachel Odom, who is serving in Alaska

Debbie Davis' son serves in the Air Force and his wife serves in the Army, as shown by their quilt label

More about the soldiers' quilts: earlier in the year our member Betty Bingham asked for donations of patriotic blocks using a pattern she provided. She also asked for names of military personnel to receive quilts. These patriotic squares were used to decorate our tables in July, then taken home by members to assemble, quilt, and bind. Some quilts were completed by one person, some were by group cooperation. Betty and her husband made pieced heart labels for each of the quilts, personalized for the intended recipient. One quilt was for a fallen soldier's family; eight were for serving military personnel. Two soldiers were there to receive their quilts; two sets of parents and grandparents received theirs. Many had touching stories to tell, and our members applauded and stood to express our deep respect and thankfulness for the sacrifices of these brave men and women.