Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Art Quilts at April meeting

Our April meeting featured Art Quilts. Martha Ginn introduced the topic and gave some illustrations of moving from traditional to art quilts, and Sylvia Blissett, Doris Dunn, Jo-Ann Evans, Pat Faulkender, Gloria Green, Betty Bingham and Betty Allen brought some of their art quilts as examples of the diverse techniques used. To move from traditional into original designs, most followed a path of getting bold with color, combining traditional techniques with new ones, layering, painting, adding unusual fibers.
We showed examples of realistic art quilts based on photographs, pieces loosely inspired by photos, abstracts, unusual cutting/piecing techniques, strata cut and reassembled, addition of other elements (twisted fabric, organza, photos printed on fabric, Angelina fibers, paint, crayon).
Diane McLendon, Martha Ginn, Shirley Wiltshire

Doris Dunn and her original design
The Atrium at Ochsner's by Martha Ginn
          To help unlock your creativity, here are some suggestions:
1. Keep a scrapbook of images, ideas, clippings, drawings, and notes. These things will help to plant the seeds of innovation.
2. Attend art shows and craft exhibits, not just quilt shows. Other creative fields can supply fresh inspiration.
3. Spend lots of time with books, especially art and nature books with their beautiful photographs.
4. Pay special attention to nature’s diverse forms.
5. Recognize the design motifs around you--architecture, dishes, fruits, vegetables, bridges, trees. Keep your camera handy to capture ideas.
6. Attend workshops and classes to widen your knowledge base.
                We donated 21 more quilts to the Veterans Home in Collins, and our members brought in 74 pillows, 27 walker totes/catheter bag covers, one NICU isolette cover.
                The last few more spots in Judy Momenzadeh’s workshop were filled. We will be eager to see the beautiful butterfly wall quilts that will come from this workshop.