Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Luncheon and Sharing Quilts

We finished out 2012 with a great pot-luck luncheon and gave away 75 quilts we had made. Representatives of the agencies receiving the quilts told us what a joy these quilts bring to their patients/clients. We gave to: Annie Jackson and Joanna Chandler from South Mississippi Children's Center; Leigh Anne Leonard from Forrest General Hospital;
Joan Harper from Wesley Medical Center;
Riley Herrin from the Shafer Center for CrisisIntervention;
Chief Webster from the Hattiesburg Fire Department;
and Becky Sims from the Domestic Abuse Family Shelter

Missy Lee, Joe Bingham, Leigh Anne Leonard, FGH

Joanna Chandler, Annie Jackson, SMCC
Becky Sims, DAFS

In addition to the quilts we placed today, 61 small pillows were brought in as well as several walker totes and catheter bag covers to give to the hospitals. A rough count of the total number of quilts given during 2012 was 173; we gave 575 pillows to FGH, bringing the total number of pillows to FGH to 1,724 beginning in 2009 (don't have a count on the other locations).
Chief Webster, HFD

We bought 10 copies of Martha Skelton: Master Quilter of Mississippi to place in South Mississippi libraries.  After searching catalogs in area libraries to identify which libraries did not have copies, we gave books to libraries in Hancock County, Poplarville, Richton, Hattiesburg, Purvis, Waynesboro, Laurel, Columbia, Smith County, Van Cleve, and the USM Cook Library. Many quilt guilds have placed copies in their area libraries, and it is our hope that this book is enjoyed all over the state. Mississippi QuiltAssociation made these available for guilds at a very reasonable price.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Quilts for Mississippi Veterans Home

Jackie Page, from the Mississippi Veterans Home in Collins sent this report after distributing the 15 quilts we donated during our September meeting. 
"I put all the residents’ names in containers dividing them by wings so we could assure that 5 residents from each wing would receive a quilt. Our pastor’s wife, Mrs. Shirley Sanford, randomly drew names to select the lucky residents. I started distributing the quilts to the winners yesterday and just finished up late this afternoon. The residents were so surprised and honored to receive these beautiful quilts.

"If the members of the Pine Belt Quilters Guild could have seen their proud faces, it would have warmed their hearts and shown them the appreciation of our residents. Everyone in the home including staff, residents and visitors have admired the handwork and vibrant colors of each quilt.  

"We thank you and your guild for all your hard work and generosity. These quilts will bring warmth and, most importantly, a feeling of true caring to our veterans. We are very honored and blessed that you chose our home to receive these gifts of love.
Thank you so much."
Jackie Page