Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Julia Graber Presents Trunk Show

Julia Graber with her quilt "Seven Sisters--Leaving Home"
Nearly 100 quilters were awed and inspired by the quilting of our guest speaker at the March meeting, Julia Graber. Her family lives on a farm and has a trucking business and are part of a large Mennonite community in Brooksville, Mississippi. Julia is a quintessential quilter in a large family of quilters. She has six sisters and a brother; she and her husband Paul are the proud parents of six children. She and her family often meet for retreats to quilt and share good fellowship. Not surprisingly, they are teaching the younger generations to enjoy this family tradition.
Julia Graber with "Family Circle--Farmer's Delight"
Julia Graber with "A Plate of Pineapples"

Julia has had quilts displayed at the American Quilters Society shows and the National Quilt Museum in Paducah many times, and she and her sisters often are finalists in the New Quilts from Old Favorites exhibits. Visit Julia's blog at http://www.xanga.com/pauljuliagraber.

Kaley Anastasio (8), Emily Bingham (9), Gracyee Boyd (10)
This meeting occured during spring break, and four members brought granddaughters to enjoy this trunk show. Three are pictured here. All have made at least one quilt, and Kaley brought hers for Show & Tell. We look forward to seeing more from these enthusiastic young quilters. Gracyee has already asked if she can skip school to attend our April meeting.
Our website has been updated to include quilt show information. Show dates are October 8-9-10, 2010. More special events and hotel rates will be added later. Categories and Entry Forms are available in pdf format and can be printed. Deadline for receipt of Entry Forms is July 21--that date is coming up fast! http://www.pinebeltquilters.com/.