Monday, October 26, 2009

Joy O'Keefe--Don't Make Waves

Subtitle: Quilts Should Hang or Lay Flat and Square
At our October 21 meeting we were treated to a comprehensive program by one of our non-resident but active members, Joy O'Keefe, of Paducah, Kentucky. Joy lived in Long Beach, Mississippi, until Hurricane Katrina destroyed her home. When she and husband Maurice were deciding on where to relocate (nearer their son in St. Louis), Joy's love of quilts and quilting made Paducah a logical choice. She comes back to Mississippi for business and medical matters, so PBQ members scheduled her for a program. She displayed two of her seemingly flawless quilts and shared some of the stories of quilts saved and quilts lost. But losses have not slowed down her passion to continue creating beautiful quilts and to do this with the greatest precision possible.

Joy's presentation went from the basics to completion and included information on these vital points:
  • Buy good quality fabric, prepare fabrics, cut with accuracy.
  • Good sewing machine care, accurate seams, stitching accurately.
  • Press (don't iron), beware of off-grain edges, check often.
  • Diagonal settings, adding borders (stripped, pieced or appliqued, butted or mitered).
  • Blocking, shaping, pinning, squaring, stabilizing, and quilting.
  • Binding, finishing, sleeve, labeling.
Joy advised us, when viewing our own quilts or those of others, to train ourselves to be a judge and not a critic. We can utilize our knowledge of the elements and principles of art (combining line, form, space, color, value, texture, and light to achieve harmony, proportion, balance, rhythm, unity and emphasis) and practice these traits through precise workmanship. We should first admire the strengths of a piece (ours or others') before we note any imperfections.
She affirmed each of us with "Quilters are fiber artists. Wear the title proudly."

Sunday, October 25, 2009

2010 Show Categories Posted

The categories for the Pine Belt Quilters 2010 Fiber Art & Quilt Show are listed below:

You may enter one piece per category, with an overall limit of eight entries per person.

Appliqué Team Large
Appliqué Team Small

Appliqué Large
Appliqué Small

Pieced Team Large
Pieced Team Small

Pieced Large
Pieced Small

Mixed Team Large
Mixed Team Small

Mixed Large
Mixed Small

Theme (Log Cabin) Any Size


Embroidery/Whole Cloth/Stitchery/Other Any Size

Friendship (Group) Any Size

Art Any Size

Pictorial Any Size


Miniatures (Maximum Size 24”)

Youth (made by youth eighteen years and under)