Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Applique with Violet Newby

Destiny Golden, 10-year-old granddaughter of Wanda Wallace proudly participates in Show & Tell at our May guild meeting by showing the quilt she designed, sewed, and quilted. We have several young people who are learning to quilt and preparing to enter the Youth Division of our show in October.
Our program was by Violet Newby, who has recently moved to Mississippi. Her son, Marcus Weekley, (also pictured) has been a PBQ member for several years, and they enjoy expressing themselves through their quilting both individually and as a team. Violet also led the May Workshop on Applique.
Violet began quilting in 1993 after many years of making clothing for herself and her children. When one of her 10 siblings asked for her help in making a quilt, Violet quickly learned how to quilt and has become a prolific quilter, though the sister has only made two or three quilts after getting Violet hooked on quilting.

Violet's passion is hand applique and she pays close attention to use of color in her applique. She demonstrated using opposing textures of background and applique fabrics for greater interest. She said to try combining stripes and circles, using an unexpected patterned background behind solid colored pieces. She reminded us to look at our fabrics during different times of the day, under different lighting conditions before settling on choices for a quilt. Fabrics look different at the store under the flourescent lights than they do in our homes. Take the fabric to the front windows for natural light.
Violet said "There is music in all of us...Find your own voice." Remember that the work does not have to be perfect; enjoy what your are creating and let it express yourself, thereby adding your voice to the music all around us."