Saturday, May 21, 2011

Betty Tudor presents trunk show

Betty describes a quilt made by Nancy Pearson's patterns

Betty Tudor with two of her applique masterpiece quilts

Betty's original hexagon design of her home

Our May meeting featured the quilts of our member Betty Tudor. Betty began her quilting career with piecing and took classes and finished all the class projects she began. When she discovered applique in about 1990, she knew she had found her passion. She showed 44 pieces and told where and when she made the pieces and if they were the outcome of a class.

Betty loves hand quilting and did most of the full-size quilts on a round wooden hoop while sitting up in her bed watching TV. She has added machine quilting to her skills, but still favors hand quilting, particularly for her exquisite applique work. Her quilts have often been prize winners at PBQ shows. She has also been in the IQA show in Houston and AQS in Paducah.

Joe Bingham gets quilting fever

When Betty Bingham's husband, Joe, retired, he became interested in what his wife was involved in--quilting. Our children's quilt group leaders prepared several packets for members to take home and complete. Joe and Betty took 23 quilt tops home, and Joe layered and quilted them on Betty's domestic sewing machine. Betty helped with binding and they returned the 23 completed quilts to our children's quilt inventory. Joe is a PBQ member now and enjoys all the educational features of our meetings. Betty manages our library and keeps our books rotating. Thanks, Betty and Joe!

Quilts for Japan

Sorting and selecting quilts to send. Pictured are (left to right) Shirley Wiltshire, Wanda Wallace, David Wallace, Vivian Plummer, and Lida McDowell
Wanda and David Wallace

When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, quilters wanted to help and comfort those affected. Pine Belt Quilters make children's quilts all year long, and we had some quilts ready and available, so we boxed up 25 quilts and sent them to Mission of Love, an organization partnering with Mission of Love has been involved in getting supplies where needed and had arrangements for an Air Force plane to transport the quilts.