Monday, July 14, 2008

Update on Love Offering to Linda Ladner

Sharon gave the first of all received cash and checks today to Linda while she was in town for a very short trip tying up loose ends on securing a house in Petal and meeting her adjuster. Sharon waited until after her mail delivery today so she could have all possible cards and donations at this point in time. Linda was just so grateful to the guild and kept saying we didn't need to be doing this for her. Linda being overwhelmed is an understatement. Because Linda had several appointments today, she asked if Sharon could take the donations to her daughter's place of employment, which is what she did. Her daughter was was most gracious and grateful. Linda reported Scotty is having a bit better day today than yesterday, so hopefully he is making some progress. Linda plans to go back to Jackson tomorrow.

Thanks to all of you who have been so generous. We'll keep everyone posted on future projects. Please continue to mail donations to Sharon's address, but make checks payable to Linda. If you have guild friends who do not receive or have access to e-mail, please pass this message to them. We don't want any members to fall through the cracks!

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