Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bingham Pillow Factory

Emily Bingham, Betty Jo Pharr, Grace Bingham

We have an ongoing pillow making project for the hospitals. Members Betty and Joe Bingham had a busy week recently and with the help of their granddaughters turned in 70 pillows. The Binghams have renamed their studio "The Pillow Factory." What a wonderful way for young girls to spend the summer--learning to sew and making children happy.

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karie said...

I went to sit with my 2 year old niece at FGH the other day. She was sick and feeling crummy and weepy. When we got ready to leave, the patient account rep offered her her choice of pillows made by your group. She picked the one with yellow flowers (her favorite) and was thrilled with it. She has it on her bed now. It made a real difference in her experience at the hospital. Thank you for what you are doing. You made a difference in my favorite little girl's life.