Thursday, September 22, 2011

How Many Ways Can You Edge Finish a Quilt?

Elvia Edwards presented the September program for Pine Belt Quilters on Binding Techniques. She had prepared posters of binding widths and how to determine what width to cut your strips. She discussed looking at your quilt to decide what will best enhance the overall look when it is finished. In addition to the traditional double-fold (either bias or straight) binding, she called on other members to tell of other ways to finish the quilt.
Ella Lucas showed a scallop-edge quilt which would require a single bias binding instead of double-fold. She also showed a table runner with prairie points on the edge.
Doris Aultman showed how to make a two-color binding so that one color matches the front and one color matches the back of the quilt, quite an elegant finish to her prize-winning hand quilted whole cloth quilt.
Martha Ginn showed quilts finished with an inserted piping, back facing, ribbon instead of binding strips, and rat-tail cording finishing the edges.
Mary Nell Magee demonstrated Deb Karasik's method of using Elmer's washable glue and the iron to hold the facing in place before sewing in order to get a very precise edge finish.

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