Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Following a Quilt to Afghanistan

When we placed quilts with several military families in July 2010, we didn't know where they would wind up. One of the quilts was presented to Sarah and John Odom for their daughter, Captain Rachel Odom, an Army physical therapist serving in Afghanistan. She is the only PT attached to the 3,500 men and women of the Fourth Brigade Combat Team of the 25th Infantry Division.

Rachel flies in helicopters to help with the wounded, as well as assisting them back at their base.
“These bodies get a beating,” she said as she spent the next 12 hours stretching out legs, lifting arms or standing on a box to lean over and pummel pulled back muscles. "They walk up and down mountains carrying a lot of gear, just a lot of weight, and that can result in daily aches and pains, and also injuries,” she said. “I am keeping them doing their job, living their lives with as little pain as possible.” 
A New York Times article recently described the Jones County native's days and nights in an article entitled "Patching Troops Together One Ache at a Time." WDAM TV later interviewed Rachel's parents to learn more about her. 
What a joy it is to us quilters to think we can provide some of the comforts of home to soldiers like Rachel!


norma said...

I read the article and she sounds like a wonderful person. How rewarding for your group to know that your quilt went to a person like her.

Karen S Musgrave said...

It is indeed! Thanks so much for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you and your group--who work unselfishly to serve others. Just as important, I thank you for mentioning Captain Odom, who also exemplifies an unselfish regard for and devotion to the welfare of others.