Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pillows Bring Comfort

Members donated 60 pillows at the May meeting. These were divided between Forrest General Hospital and Wesley Medical Center. Once we deliver the pillows we don't often get to know where they went. But this letter from a happy family puts a smile on our faces!

"My 6 year old son had a procedure at Wesley hospital yesterday (doing great, recovering well). We were waiting for the anesthesiologist to come get him when the nurse popped in and surprised him with a pillow. He was overjoyed! He held onto it until the last minute and reclaimed it upon waking up. He has had it in his arms ever since.
Thank you for your thoughtful, generous donations. It's things like this that make stressful situations more relaxing for young children. It provides a sense of comfort.
Thankfully, The Hennes Family"

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