Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hanging the Show

Day Three: The Lake Terrace Convention Center staff had the pipe and drape equipment erected when we arrived. While judging continued in the Garden Room and Executive Conference Room, teams began moving judged quilts to the exhibit hall on rolling carts.ID tags remained on the quilts to assure they were kept in order.
The cords that hold the pipes (which thread through the sleeves) had to be unwound from storage, and we used members and LTCC staff. Seeing the large exhibit hall with all these empty rows waiting for the quilts gave us a shudder--it seemed a daunting task to accomplish in the two days we had remaining before opening. But Linda Flanders and Pat Valadez had prepared a map showing a place for each of the 390+ pieces, and we began hanging. Extra-long quilts had to be pinned up until muslin could be placed on the floor to protect them. By the end of the day the judge had completed judging all 22 categories and only had the final special awards to be decided.
The boutique team began filling their room with handmade items we had worked on over the two years since the last show. Vendors will be arriving and setting up on Day Four, and Day Five becomes opening day!

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