Saturday, December 1, 2012

Quilts for Mississippi Veterans Home

Jackie Page, from the Mississippi Veterans Home in Collins sent this report after distributing the 15 quilts we donated during our September meeting. 
"I put all the residents’ names in containers dividing them by wings so we could assure that 5 residents from each wing would receive a quilt. Our pastor’s wife, Mrs. Shirley Sanford, randomly drew names to select the lucky residents. I started distributing the quilts to the winners yesterday and just finished up late this afternoon. The residents were so surprised and honored to receive these beautiful quilts.

"If the members of the Pine Belt Quilters Guild could have seen their proud faces, it would have warmed their hearts and shown them the appreciation of our residents. Everyone in the home including staff, residents and visitors have admired the handwork and vibrant colors of each quilt.  

"We thank you and your guild for all your hard work and generosity. These quilts will bring warmth and, most importantly, a feeling of true caring to our veterans. We are very honored and blessed that you chose our home to receive these gifts of love.
Thank you so much."
Jackie Page


Anne Esteve said...

The pictures make it all worthwhile - guess we better get busy and make more for them. They have given us our freedom - they deserve our support.

Martha Ginn said...

The fellow with the yellow bordered quilt is saluting. It warms my heart!

Carli said...

What size would they like the quilts?

Martha Ginn said...

Most of the quilts we make we donate to hospitals and organizations for children and can be any size, but for the veterans/adults, they need to be larger--all these were 72" long to go on their beds.

Unknown said...

My heart goes out to our veterans. I know this was a blessing to them.

E.E. said...

What a blessing to see. Makes me want to work harder to have more to send. I know they will enjoy them.