Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quilts Displayed at Hattiesburg Visitors Center

We keep a display of quilts at the Hattiesburg Visitors Center for the enjoyment of the staff and visitors who stop in. VISITHATTIE sponsors a challenge at each of our quilt shows, and winners from these challenges are on permanent display along the railing of the second floor above the counter.
Upper row: Martha Ginn, Susan Baskin, Mildred Jenkins
Lower row: Jo-Ann Evans, Jo-Ann Evans, Martha Ginn
Each month a different quilter's quilts are displayed on the other three railings. These pictures were taken from the lobby, where the quilts offer a welcoming view and are high enough to be out of reach. Mary Nell Magee and Doris Dunn organize and hang the quilts monthly.
October quilts by Sally Henderson

October quilts by Sally Henderson

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