Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy 99th Birthday, Leola! Still making Children's Quilts

Top left: US Army CPT Terry Partin, Martha Ginn, 1SG John Stiles, Leola Kriegbaum. Right: Leola with her great-niece Katy Smith.

We are proud of our oldest member, Leola Kriegbaum. Leola turned 99 on Saturday, November 11, 2007. She lives with her nephew and his family in a large home in Hattiesburg's Historic District. Her bedroom is upstairs, and when encouraged to move to a downstairs room, Leola declines, saying, "the exercise is good for me." She is an avid gardener and stays busy outside in pleasant weather weeding and tending the flowerbeds.

She said she made her first quilt at age nine "and the doll didn't mind how it looked." She has been a quilter for many years and is meticulous in her choice of fabrics and construction of her quilts. Leola is one of our most active participants in making quilts for children, even though she can't always attend our workdays. Her goal is to make one quilt a month and she is an inspiration to other members. She is constantly trying to use up her scraps but does not hesitate to go shopping for "just the right fabric" for a border or to combine with some fabric she has. She brings in the tops and another member layers and quilts them. She was a member of the Jackson Quilters in Jackson before moving to Hattiesburg in about 1997. We are lucky to have her in Pine Belt Quilters. Happy Birthday, Leola!

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elvia said...

She was the cutest thing, went to peek over everyone's shoulder to see what they were working on and how they were doing it. She is still ready to learn new things. We should all just pray to still be as savy as she is at that age.