Wednesday, November 7, 2007

PBQ Donates 46 Children's Quilts to Camp Shelby

PBQ makes quilts for children all year long. Camp Shelby, just 15 miles south of Hattiesburg, trains thousands of US Army men and women before they are deployed. Every time our TV station (WDAM-TV 7; covers a unit being deployed, with soldiers saying goodbye to spouses and children, we are moved to want to give those children something to comfort them in the absence of their parent who is sacrificing for our country.

We contacted Chaplain Col. Tom Fuller, who arranged for Chaplains Cpt. Terry Partin (left, top photo) and 1st Sgt. John Stiles (right, top photo) to attend our Children's Quilts Group on 11/06/07 and receive our current supply of 46 quilts to be placed with children. Martha Ginn is shown presenting the quilts.


Shirley said...

It was great to see the questions and interest they had in our quilt guild group. Stiles shared with me that some of the quilts would be going to a soldier and family that had lost their home last week in a fire and had small children. I know that tonight a family is using our blankets.

Elvia said...

Wish the whole quild should have seen how excited these chaplains were to have something to share with their troops families. I know it made me want to work harder at making these quilts to give. It touches my heart to think about little ones who are missing their dads or their moms, and in a few cases both. The assistant Chaplain said last month they had a case where both shipped out. Hope these quilts help just a little.