Monday, October 4, 2010

Check-In Day

Check-In Day has finally arrived! Want to know what 400 quilts look like in white bags lined up in number order by category? The largest category--Pieced Team-Large--is pictured on the left. As the quilts came in, they were put in their proper place under their category sign. When a category was complete, the bags were taken into the judging room where the quilts were unfolded, had their number tagged to the lower corner and placed on a table.
Meanwhile, the Convention Center staff were assembling the pipe and drape system in the large hall and the PBQ hanging crew were assigning the location for each quilt.
When the judging process began, the judge had helpers fan out the stack so she could get an overview of the entire category. She then went back and judged each quilt with a scribe writing her evaluation and comments. As a category was judged, the quilts were taken to the large hall to be hung on the pipe and drape rods.
Judging will continue all day Tuesday and Wednesday, at which time the room has to be cleared so the vendors can set up their booths. Stay tuned for more progress!

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