Monday, October 11, 2010

Viewers' Choice and Raffle Quilt Winners

The viewers' choice quilt was The Battleground Quilt by Kathy Honeycutt of Columbus, Mississippi (pictured above). Kathy's quilt was made from Pam Holland's book The 1776 Quilt: Heartache, Heritage, and Happiness. The original quilt on which this is based was seen in an East German museum by Pam and later developed into patterns. Pam tells a fascinating story in her book, and Kathy's execution of the quilt is excellent, recognized by her blue ribbon in the Mixed -Large category.

Her award for Viewers' Choice is a Janome 2010 sewing machine sponsored by Kelley's Pins & Needles of Hattiesburg.

The lucky winner of the Sweet Magnolia Cabins raffle quilt was Sue Rutka. Congratulations!


Paula J. said...

This looks great!

julieradavich said...

When will information be available about the dvd of all the quilts?


Martha Ginn said...

Susan Ellis took the photographs and is working on getting that ready for us...stay tuned.

Bethany said...

go, Momma!